Buy a Piece of Old-Growth Forest

Through the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation, every friend of nature in Finland or abroad can personally be part of the concrete work for the conservation of Finnish old-growth forests. The foundation gives you a chance to buy a piece of old-growth forest in any size you want. 

If you buy old-growth forest for at least 50 euros, you can ask the foundation’s office to send you a certificate or a gift card mentioning the size of the conserved area. 

The average cost of the foundation’s forest purchases so far has been about 5 000 euros a hectare. The average cost of one square metre of forest worth conserving is thus about 0,5 euros (1 hectare = 10 000 square metres), so for one euro you'll protect two square metres of forest.

If you want to buy a piece of old-growth forest, please contact us: or buy it online: Osta pala ikimetsää