Centenary campaign

Double the impact of your donation!

Less than 3 percent of the forests in southern and central Finland are fully protected. Forests lying in their natural state are the best places to maintain nature’s diversity, and we need help to purchase forests of this kind. In the name of the centenary, the state of Finland has promised to protect its lands to the same extent as foundations and private landowners (including private people) will do with their lands without a compensation from the state. To have this doubling measure implemented, an application must be sent to an ELY Centre during the course of the centenary.

Make a donation now and double the benefit given to nature! Thanks to the centenary campaign, you can protect as much as 40 m2 with only ten euros compared to the 20 m2 the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation would normally be able to place under protection with that sum. During the course of the centenary, a hundred euros means 400 m2 of protected land as soon as the protective measure is doubled in the state-owned forests!

You can follow the area protected during the My Gift to the Hundred-Year-Old campaign on our frontpage. We will also provide additional information on the protected areas on this page.

The first area doubled during the campaign is the Kuusimukka area of 20 hectares in the Inari region. The decision on the protective measure has arrived on 24th of January 2017.

More information:

Ari-Pekka Auvinen 050 4133 403
Anneli Jussila 040 5863950